Time for a Change

Now that the frame is up onto its wheels its time start to hang bits on it.

While at first sight I want the mudguards on next, in fact it makes more sense to fit the gearbox first, so that’s the next job.

So it’s disinter the gearbox from the back of the garage, get the Gunk out and clean the old crud off it.

Straight away I spot that the kickstart spring has broken, I’d forgotten about that!.

Anyway with a Burman gearbox it’s easier to work on it in the frame than on the bench so it’s on with the job.

This bike uses the older adjustment method where the gearbox pivots on its bottom mounting bolt and primary chain adjustment is with snail cams on the top mounting bolt.

So its drop the box into the frame and slide the bottom bolt into place without the spacers between the box and the engine plates.

Next swing the box so the top bolt can be slid into place to locate everything and then slip one of the spacers into place between the gearbox top mount and the engine plate.

As everything has to be a neat fit the other spacer won’t, quite,  go into place.

So it’s a case of wedging the engine plates a little further apart until the spacer will push into place and once it has been fitted slide the mounting bolt into place and fit the snail cams onto that bolt.

It’s not tightened up yet though as the spacers still have to be fitted to the lower bolt so it matches the top one.

Now I find that the new battery mount plate I had made does not fit properly, it will foul the rear mudguard and is fouling the top of the gearbox so that has to come off to be “adjusted”.

Since the bikes now on its wheels with the gearbox in place I decided to put the tank on to get an idea of what she’s going to look like.


As is today

Suddenly its a bike again rather than just an assemblage of parts.


As a “By The Way”, at the weekend I went to Helmsley Steam Fair.

It proved to be a Vintage Transport Extravaganza and I have posted some photos on my Flickr site at :- http://www.flickr.com/photos/drewgrant/>

They are also up as a set at:-