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A hodge podge of things I find of interest

This web site is intended to be a bit of a grab bag, if I find something I like then it's liable to turn up on it.

I am a motorcyclist of many years riding and have an interest in the older bikes, having been a member of the Vintage Club since 1969 so don't be too surprised if you find a lot of bike and mechanically orientated things appearing.

The first item though is a direct to a blog I am doing as I rebuild a 1937 P&M Panther Model 100.
Panthers were never a high sales volume bike, back in their earlier days they were innovaters in some things but they were always a solid, reliable machine.
They were best known for their "Big Slopers", single cylinder machines of 600cc capacity with the engine serving as the downtube of the frame and lying at an angle

To view the blog CLICK HERE

Second is about a gatecrasher at a Royal Review, a lesson on how to get publicity

To view this one CLICK HERE

A frequent niggle is with the use of the old British Standard threads on British bikes where no apparent logic can be found in the dimensions of the spanners (or wrenches if you prefer the term).

An effort at an explanation can be found HERE

There has always been an argument as to who made the first vehicle powered with an Internal Combustion Engine.

Here's an alternative view Three Wheels on my Wagon

We've all heard the saying "Coals to Newcastle", well Newcastle sent many shiploads of coal down to London in the 18th and 19th centuries n what was known as the "Coal Trade"
Here's an account of one such voyage.A voyage in the Coal Trade

The ship used would have been a small "collier" brig, a two-masted square-rigged sailing ship like this (but not as clean, she was carrying coal after all):--

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