Parts Hunt

As I was needing parts to fix the R12 and there were a few other items on the “next time I order” list I sat down and drew up a shopping list.

Then it was a case of going “on ‘net” to source them. There are a number of places where you can get R12 parts on the continent so I checked them out to find that none of them had the full list!

I wound up ordering from Switzerland as they had almost the full list, all they did not have was a small gasket, one I can make myself if necessary. Parts were ordered one evening, two days later I received an e-mail saying they had been sent and the next day TNT were knocking on the door to deliver them!

Only snag was that the replacement seal carrier I wanted wasn’t available, “Please re-order later”!

So I turned to the only other place that listed that part, sent in an order and got an e-mail back that they did not have it in stock either!! Looks like there has been a run of R12s blowing their oil seals!.

Fortunately it is not a complex part so if the worst comes to the worst I’ll have to turn to and make one, only snag is it will mean having to trepan a groove in the carrier and that needs a fancy cutting tool, one I don’t have of course.